Why is Koodo your ultimate sports networking app?

22 July 2021

You've probably seen sports fans who want to play on a regular basis but are unable to do so, despite the fact that courts are available in most residential communities. The lack of a regular sports partner to play with is the cause for this. On the Play Store, we have a plethora of applications that connect like-minded people, but have you found any that connects you to your sports partner? Koodo is one application that bridges this gap by connecting you with local sports partners so that you never miss out on your play days. Not only can you find sport partners, but you can also form a community of people with whom you may play sport and form teams. Badminton, tennis, squash, football, hockey, and a variety of other sports are all catered to by our app.

Koodo helps sports lovers in various ways:

Track Your Sport Activities
Meet New People over Sports
Discover Sport Academies around you
Create and Join Activities

Finding Sports Partners

Connect quickly with individuals who are nearby and available on your schedule, so you don't have to continually asking your friends or neighbors to join you on your outings. Create your profiles, search for players around you, and communicate with them via our integrated chat network to schedule games.

Remain Fit and Healthy

We haven't even noticed how much our lack of mobility and "work from home" lifestyle has harmed our bodies during the current pandemic. Some of you may not have considered playing in a long time, but it is something that has occupied a significant portion of your childhood. Playing regularly keeps you fit and healthy, and all we're doing at Koodo is making it easier for you to do so.

Socially Active

One thing which is of utmost importance at this point of time is to have your mental health intact by doing some regular activity that you like. You can share it with like-minded individuals by finding a partner on our Koodo app. Stay fit and remain active!

Play with Pros

Practice makes perfect, and we've got you covered if you want to put your skills to the test against a professional player. On our app, you may search for and play with Pros to gradually improve your skills. Not only that, but you'll also get the opportunity to learn from seasoned gamers.

Find Sports Medics and advise from experts

Playing sports is fantastic, but if you sustain an injury or experience discomfort as a result of it, we have experts and physiotherapists on hand to assist you. Those interested in playing professional sports can discover trainers and experts to assist them in achieving their aim of playing at a higher level.

Get all your sports related needs at one place. List your sports equipment, buy/sell or exchange at our platform, find your partner, schedule your play and you are ready to go. Discover all this and much more at this Sports haven by downloading our app for free!