5 August 2021

Networking creates opportunities and thereby, is the lifeline for success in any field today. Everything in the world has become accessible, possible and achievable due to the power of networking. People are constantly experiencing its magical potential, and as a result, they are frequently devoting their valuable time daily to networking in order to achieve their objectives. Further, the digital platforms have made it even easier for people to Network.

Networking being a very broad term, the absence of intensity in networking can be felt specifically in the field of Sports, inspite of huge demand, scope and potential for the same.

To bridge the gap between the sport enthusiasts and the Industry, comes Koodo. It is a platform which allows the sport enthusiasts to connect and build their network with others in the sports community and also meet all their other needs revolving around sports. Koodo is a Sports Networking App which enables you to be a part of the ever growing sports community and helps you find people of similar interests to learn, play and organize games regularly.

Here are top 5 reasons why all sport enthusiasts must


It is also a great space for sports enthusiasts looking for a community to play individual sports, participate in group activities & communicate with each other. Now, with Koodo, you can connect with sport enthusiasts, coaches and professionals and even find activities around you to enjoy your game regularly. Koodo gives you access to seasoned professionals from a multitude of sports like Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Chess, Gym, Swimming, Volleyball, Yoga, Martial Arts, Archery, Snooker and much more. An aspiring swimmer who needs to know the nitty gritty of national and international level competitions or even where and how to begin? Look for those who have already done it. Learn from their first-hand experience, not just their experience in sport but their overall journey.


It enables you to stay connected and communicate with people of your interests, who can help you achieve your goals. It is imperative for enthusiasts to find the right partners to keep their interest in the game they play. Also, find better direction and guidance from personal experiences of others. With Koodo, you can overcome these challenges and stay connected with other enthusiasts, communicate to not only your peers to plan and play regularly but even with professionals and coaches for all your daily needs & updates.


It helps you plan and organise your sport activities to play regularly. Koodo makes the maximum use of technology to help you create activities allowing others to join, send invites to your friends, control participation, and allows you to stay tuned for your upcoming events. Now, you can specifically choose to communicate with only the participants, Activity wise.
Finding new players to play with, no longer remains a challenge.


On Koodo, you can be a part of the sports community and to achieve your personal goals. You can play regularly with other enthusiasts in the community, exchange intel and ideas, find the best guidance for your physical, fitness and dietary needs. Dieticians and physiotherapists are easy to connect with as well.


Koodo also facilitates you to list your old equipments for sale on the platform, which are of no use to you. When enthusiasts upgrade to a new product, the old ones are often never used. You can easily find buyers for those products on the platform. With this, Koodo also creates opportunities for exchange within the sports community to encourage sports.