30 July 2021

Sports fever is in the air, and the upcoming Olympic games in Tokyo have us all on pins and needles. Olympics is a multi-sport International athletic contest held every 4 years in different countries. This year Olympics are held in Tokyo, Japan. Olympics is the ultimate sports extravaganza which leave viewers and sports fans all around the world beaming with enthusiasm. This year has been particularly fruitful for the Indians, as a number of our athletes have already won medals in different categories of sports competitions. India has so far won 5 medals in Tokyo Olympics, which consists of 2 Silver and 3 Bronze.

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Koodo India is all about building an effective sports community around you so while Olympics is happening, we planned a sports campaign for all sports fans. Koodo India collaborated with Red FM to deliver ‘Game se Prem,' an activity where we receive all the post-game information, interviews, interactive stories, and much more to keep the spirits up and give more feed to the hungry Indian fans. ‘Game Se Prem’ is a campaign which exclusively focuses on Olympics related news, former Olympians and the inspirational stories of struggle and dedication of the athletes and their journey of preparing and representing India on such a huge platform. Discussions on potential games where India is excelling or there are chances of winning. Daily updates about upcoming matches, sporting schedule and medal tally. Cheering our athletes together in the spirit of oneness which is imbibed in all Indians. Koodo India has associated with Red FM to be part of the 2-and-a-half-week activity which is being aired in Pune from 23rd July to 8th August.

Stay tuned and download the Koodo app to gear up your sports activities. Discover your sports partner and participate in activities around you while you are listening to ‘Game Se Prem’ on Red FM.