Koodo India and Poona Club Premiere League 2020

5 September 2021

Koodo India has always been on the forefront of Sports Initiatives. Sports like Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Table Tennis, Squash and other regularly played sports has been the focus of Team Koodo. From promoting sports to sponsoring events, Koodo India has been proactive. Koodo India was one of the main sponsors in the Poona Club Premiere League 2020, an annual club tournament and even owned one of the teams in the league.

Poona Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the country and has an incredible history of 131 years dating back to 1886. The club is huge and spread over around 96 acres in the heart of Pune city. The Poona Club adheres to global standards when it comes to sports and has all modern facilities in sports like Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Squash, Golf, Swimming etc. Poona Club every year organises Cricket Premiere League and last year Koodo India collaborated with them as one of the main sponsors of the event among other big sponsors like Mother’s Recipe, Maximum, etc. The Premiere League was organised between 10 – 15th Feb 2020 and was the 7th Season of the League.

The event was successfully executed and the competition was a spectacle for sports lovers. Players participated with full sportsman spirit and glorified the competition with a different level. The intensity of the game in all the matches was of the top level and the audience enjoyed the same. The winning & performing teams were awarded trophies by the founder of Koodo India & other sponsors.

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