Increasing Importance of Sports Community in India

25 August 2021

India has a massive sports viewership with a large number of population watching sports regularly on Television and other OTT platforms. There is a huge gap between the sport enthusiasts only watching sports and the one's who play regularly, which is due to the sports industry being unorganised. It is high time that the Sports Industry becomes organised so that the sports enthusiasts not only watch sports but can also easily connect with each other and come in action to play, pursue their passion and work on their fitness. With the advancements in technology it is possible to get the sports community on a single platform and organise this Industry wherein sports enthusiasts can connect with each other, meet, play the sports they are passionate about and communicate & support fellow sports lovers. With Koodo, a sports networking app we are thrilled to bring all sports enthusiasts on a single platform and bridge the gap.

Koodo started with the idea of getting sport enthusiasts having the same interest on a common platform so that they connect with each other to reach their common goals. On Koodo app enthusiast can find players, pro players, coaches, create activities allowing others in the sports community to join them and also communicate & share their experience with others in the sports community. People can chat, plan, organise activities & meet to play their sports regularly.

There are numerous coaches, pro players, academies & facilities all around us. The bigger challenge is to know about them. Also, it is very important to have a stronger network of sports enthusiasts so that we are never short of players to play with. The more enthusiasts you know, more choices you have & more you can play. Hence, it is very important to be a part of the sports community with who we can interact, be active, stay fit & have fun. Being dependent on a specific set of people restricts us to play sports regularly thereby affecting our fitness levels.

As we anticipate and foresee a huge transition in people giving priority to health & focussing on fitness, this is the ideal time wherein we need to build an entire ecosystem around sports which is self-sustained by the community itself. Koodo is the best app in India, which understands the need of sports networking and is willing to channel the combined energies into building a stronger sports community for the benefit of sport enthusiasts.